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Thanks for visiting our Open Bible Studies website. This site hosts our Live Streaming Webcast which allows visitors from all over the world to view Church Services, Revivals and Bible Studies Live. These are announced on the site calendar. Tune in at the appointed time  for live video broadcasts. Also, please feel free to view the:
    ° Video On-Demand Bible Study series.  The archived on-demand broadcasts may be viewed at any time. Subjects will be added regularly.
    ° Many videos are free.  Each video requires many hours of recording, editing and publishing. Donations are made by clicking on the "Donate" button at the bottom of page. These donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a donation letter in December of each year for your tax purposes. All donations are used by Ends of the Earth Mission to advance evangelism in remote areas of the world. See for our mission site.
    ° Some Book Studies require a gift to access. These Book studies are comparable to the FREE Galatians study. These studies are anywhere from eight (8) to sixteen (16) hours long, incremented lessons are 38 to 46 minutes long. Please see Open Bible Study Website for more information.

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